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Level 1 - Beginner: No experience needed! Never surfed or only surfed a few times. Learn the theory, concepts, water safety and surf etiquette.
Level 2 - Experienced Beginner: Has surfed before and able to navigate the surf safely but still needs help catching green waves. Looking to learn basic maneuvers and reading waves.
Level 3 - Intermediate: Able to catch waves on your own and has the ability to go left or right. Looking to improve overall maneuvers and must have the ability to duck dive.
Level 4 - Intermediate/Advanced: Proficient and independent surfer. Can surf confidently in all conditions. Looking to overcome current surf limitations (physical or mental) and ready to push their current skill set and ability.
Level 5 - Advanced: Competent surfer in all conditions, looking to improve advanced maneuvers (aerials, barrel riding, speed generation, etc.). Overall looking to push current limits and skills to the highest level possible.