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During the coronavirus pandemic Kuta Lombok was really quiet. A lot of tourist left the island and went back to their home countries. But the ones who stayed enjoyed really empty line ups and waves for them self. Other than in Bali in Lombok were almost no cases of corona and the life here wasn’t that different. The town was quieter than usual but still enough was going on to enjoy. Some restaurants were closed but MILK Espresso delivered delicious food to us in the surf camp. Since lmbk surf camp is really spacious it was easy to keep distance from each other. We were such a nice group who stayed in the surf camp together during this coronavirus time and we can all agree that it was better to isolate in Paradise than in Europe!

We all hope Lombok will go back to normal fast after Coronavirus time

Kuta Lombok went back to normal pretty fast and when the travel bans got lifted from some countries the tourists slowly came back. Of course, the Corona pandemic was a hard time for all the local businesses here in Kuta. We all hope that all the great restaurants and bars around here recover fast and that Kuta stays this amazing.

It was never not safe to travel here since there were no cases but it was hard to get here if you weren’t already in Asia. When the airlines open again soon, flying here will be easier and more people can enjoy this amazing town and the lovely lmbk surf camp.

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Empty line-ups with amazing waves for us!
Thank you to Anna for this blog article.

Book your stay with us now! Due to the ongoing pandemic and the strict travel restrictions, we are offering only accommodation deals through our website. If you are interested in booking accommodation with a surf package, please send us a message in Instagram @lmbksurfcamp or email us at lmbksurfcamp@gmail.com.