Terms & Conditions


To validate your inscription and to confirm your booking at “LMBK Surf House”, 50% total amount (deposit) advanced payment of the required services must be paid.
The booking will be considered as valid when the required amount has been transferred to our bank account.


– We will refund you 50% of your paid deposit (25% of your total stay) when the cancellation occurs 2 weeks or more prior to arrival day.

– Within less than two weeks prior to arrival, we do not refund.

Please also take note that:
● No refund will be offered once guest(s) have checked in to LMBK Surf House.
● No refund will be offered if guest(s) choose to leave LMBK Surf House before their package is over.
● In special circumstances, refunds and/or partial refunds will only be offered at our absolute discretion.


The participant’s minimum age is 18 years old. Unless traveling with an adult. We have a minimum stay policy of 2 nights with our surf package.

Booking variations depend on availability and they may involve a surcharge depending on the price of the new dates/inclusions. You will receive a booking modification once the surcharge is paid. In case the weekly price increases or decreases, the difference must be paid respectively from one part or another.

Images of your stay at LMBK Surf House can be used for publicity or promotional purposes such as website, flyers, brochures, social media, etc.

Airport pick up is included in the price of the surf package. Airport drop off and pick up at alternative locations is not included. The transfer service is subject to availability. Please let us know once you book if you will need airport pickup.

Risk Acknowledgment

Customers must be physically fit and capable of swimming. The client confirms that from a medical point of view, there is nothing that prevents him/her from going surfing. We require that you communicate with us any relevant medical aspects: allergies, disabilities, medical incapacities etc.

Surfing holidays, like many adventure and sporting activities especially water-based ones, include a certain degree of risk. LMBK Surf House is not liable for any accidents, injuries or death that may occur during surfing and surfing-related activities. There are clinics in Kuta and a hospital in Mataram where guests are able to seek medical attention. Please make sure you have adequate insurance coverage which is valid in Indonesia to cover any health related issues that might arise during your travels.

Loss, Damages and Injuries

LMBK Surf House is not responsible for any loss or damage of personal Goods. In the event of any contents being lost or damaged to the room, fixtures, or fittings, through any act or omission by yourselves or any of your visitors, cost for repairing such damage will be charged in full price to you.

Each customer is responsible for the LMBK Surf House equipment during its use and accepts the responsibility to replace it in case of loss or serious damage by inappropriate use of it. The customer has to pay the lost or damaged equipment which automatically becomes the customer’s property.

Although we can assist in the rental of cars, motorbikes and scooters, please bear in mind that we are not the party that actually rents these vehicles. We cannot, therefore, be held responsible for any accidents, losses or injuries resulting from the state, quality or operability of any such vehicles. Most vehicles are rented out by local people and insurance is not included, again, we recommend a robust travel insurance package which can cover any incidentals associated with vehicle rentals. Remember to check the conditions of the vehicles before agreeing to rent a vehicle, and make sure to always park in places where you will have to pay parking.

Poor conditions

LMBK Surf House is not responsible for poor surfing conditions. We will always try our best to look for surf spots that are suited to conditions of the day and your level. However, sometimes our plans may not work out as expected due to poor conditions, including low quality waves which makes it difficult or impossible to surf. Unfortunately, we are unable to control nor predict these factors. Force Majeure LMBK Surf House is not responsible and cannot pay for compensation in situations that are beyond our control, where the performance of the contract is affected by circumstances which amount to “force majeure”. Circumstances amounting to “force majeure” includes any event which we could not, even with all due care, foresee or avoid. These circumstances include, but not limited to, earthquake, volcano eruption, flights affected by volcano smoke,flood, landslide, tsunami, storm, civil strife, fire, war or threat of war, actual or threaten terrorist activity, epidemic, pandemic or similar situations beyond our control.

Directions and Instructions

In the line up, please stay close to our guides as they will take you to the right spots, especially if you are beginner or intermediate surfers.

Our surf guides and general manager reserve the right to decide which surf spot to go to, how you are designated into groups of beginner and intermediate, or advance based on your surf experience. In special circumstances, for example due to extremely poor surf conditions, we may combine all guests to surf in the same spot despite the mixed levels, i.e. beginners, intermediates and advanced.

Surfboards and Equipment

All surfboards and equipment at your disposal are in good condition and under your responsibility. You are liable to be charged for any damage or loss of equipment during your use. We love our surfboards and have worked hard for our small collection. Please handle them with care and treat it as if it were your own.


LMBK Surf Housedoes not accept any responsibilities or any refunds in the following circumstances.

– When the client is responsible for the incorrect delivery of the services.

– When the defective services are due to third parties or they occur in an unpredictable manner.

– When the services cannot be provided, due to conditions beyond the control of the company. These are unusual and unpredictable conditions which could result in unexpected consequences such as natural disasters or meteorological aspects etc.

– When the incorrect delivery of the services is caused by happenings at LMBK Surf House, even though all the diligences are taken, but they still could neither be predicted nor prevented.

– When any happening could occur before and after the course hours.

– Clients have to listen to the instructions of our staff and to follow LMBK Surf House regulations. In case of not doing so and behaving irresponsible, the company will take the necessary measures, prior notification, such as the exclusion of the courses.